Would your business survive being hacked?

IT Gold Solutions are Fortinet partners in Brisbane and experts in Cyber security, we will get you connected and keep you connected securely.

What is a cyber-attack?

Cyber attacks are aimed at your business technology systems. They are designed to gain access to digital equipment, disrupt machine operation, manipulate, or steal sensitive data, usually to extort money from you. The results can be catastrophic.

Watch a cyber-attack unfold

A great video from Cisco

What is a Cyber Security Stress Test?

As a Fortinet Partner in Brisbane we conduct this test with a Forti-gate device. Fortinet is the world leader in Cyber security so you are getting a comprehensive test from the best.

We take a Fortigate Router to your site and we set it up inside your network. We then monitor your network traffic. After a few days the results are analysed by our engineers and a report is then available for your review.

This is a non-disruptive, no obligation process that we can offer to our customers who wish to take hold of the opportunity of knowing what their business might be exposed to without realizing it before its too late.

Watch the video below about how the Fortinet secure fabric protects your business.

Are you confident that your system is prepared if the worst happened?

If the answer is that you are unsure then book IT Gold Solutions for a free cyber security stress test today.

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