Sophos Firewall / Security

Cyber Security

Sophos Security helps you Manage your risks against hacking

Sophos Central Intercept X provides the best antivirus protection in Brisbane.

  • Increase your internet speed with a more powerful router
  • Protect your office network and keep it trusted as safe
  • Protect your user devices against malware and viruses, encryption attacks and hacking
  • Protect and manage your mobile devices from anywhere
  • Control and manage your wireless network
  • Provide duty of care – Safe Guard against in-appropriate web browsing

Sophos is a security company that provides a unique and powerful engine that protects millions of customers around the world

What makes Sophos unique is the Sophos Central Web Portal which allows IT Managers to administer the network from one single sign on screen. This gives a bird’s eye view of all your business computer systems and devices as well as the ability to remotely lock down a device or clean one up with a few simple mouse clicks. This saves time and money, leaving you with peace of mind that the systems are protected against any unwanted threats.

At Sophos Central a collection of information is fed from devices all over the globe in real time, thus creating a powerful engine to quickly stop threats in their tracks.

Intercept X

Intercept X is more than an everyday antivirus program that are on the market. The key difference is that Sophos uses Deep Learning Technology and artificial intelligence that detects threats rather than relying on traditional virus signatures.

There is also an Anti-Ransomeware component that stops encryption attacks in their tracks.

These are key differences that makes Sophos Intercept X a market leader in cyber threat risk reduction.

Sophos XG Firewall

Why is the difference between a Standard Router and a Firewall router?

To answer this, we need to give some under pinning insight into how networking happens. There is a connection that takes place between device that determines who each party is and by what interface route to is required to get connected through the network/internet. This is what a router does. It routes data.

Why do you need a Firewall?

A firewall takes things further and inspects the data traffic to see what it is. This is called Deep Learning. Once identified the firewall, screens the data first and then routes according to a set of rules in the firewall. It knows if the data is for applications such as email, web browsing, downloading, a voice call, a video call, Facebook, YouTube, Spotify or Netflix, or anything else one can imagine. The Firewall is the only thing that protects your network from the internet.

We at IT Gold Solutions highly recommend taking every possible step towards improving your Firewall security.

Sophos XG Firewall is a premium cloud managed system that has real time protection against threats and is managed by your Sophos Central Portal. Sophos uses deep learning to identify and manage your data. The XG Firewall sends out a heartbeat to every device on the network and knows what every-one is doing online. If a threat is detected an alert can be generated and a device can be isolated automatically to stop an infection spreading instantly. The affected user then will be protected against un-knowingly infecting the company systems and a threat is instantly neutralized.

We recommend Sophos Security as a whole of business protection solution and we rest easy knowing Sophos is a market leading, award winning security systems software provider.

Sophos Mobile Device Management

Such exciting times we live in where everything is mobile now. Every person has a different mobile device setup, and with so many devices out there it means that managing IT security becomes that much harder. But with Sophos Mobile device management it is made easy, almost too easy. Sophos heart-beat allows deep learning and gives the mobile user safety and protection, whether it be on their own device or a company owned device and regardless of the make and model of the device so Sophos has it covered. All managed and controlled centrally with mobile threat defence as part of the Sophos Central control dashboard. The future is mobile and with the need for compliance and data security becoming more and more necessary, its great to have a mobile device management tool at your fingertips.


Your wireless network is a key part to your business. When coupled with the XG Firewall, the sophos wireless access points become centrally managed. This makes it that much easier to get devices on board, to give access to certain networks and not others with policy driven rules. Sophos uses synchronized intelligence via its unique heartbeat that monitors the health of the wireless devices to reduce risk to your trusted network. 

The devices are simple to deploy in a 3 step process and are built for performance.

MIMO 2×2, 3×3, 4×4 models available with 802.11 ac Wave 2 technology.

Some other key features are

  1. Easy site Planning – Create multiple sites and upload your floor plans to get a first visualization for access point placement and coverage before using more advanced planning tools
  2. Hot spots and Guest Access
  3. Enhanced Rogue AP Detection
  4. Increased Visibility